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AANEM Foundation Steps Up Funding for Research


The AANEM Foundation has made significant steps toward funding research in neuromuscular medicine.
Thanks to our partnership with the Muscular Dystrophy Association (MDA), the AANEM is currently co-funding four studies:

LncRNA as therapeutic target for SMA by Constantin d’Ydewalle, PhD
Improving the diagnosis of NM diseases by Monkol Lek, PhD
Motor system connectivity influences in ALS by Christi Kolarcik, PhD
Glucocorticolds in Fiber Repair and Regeneration of Dystrophic Muscles by Mattia Quattrocelli, PhD
In addition to the partnership with MDA, the Foundation is funding its own development grants. In 2016, the AANEM received 14 applications. The Foundation Research Committee reviewed six full proposals in December and the Foundation also recently approved a clinical research fellowship in the area of autoimmune neuromuscular disorders.
Clinical Research Fellowships
For 2017, the AANEM is funding Lisa Williams, MD, for a clinical research fellowship in the neurological application of neurotoxins. A second research fellowship is available in this area for 2018, with Letters of Intent due September 15, 2017. “We are proud of what we have accomplished with the Foundation and want to do more in 2017,” said Shirlyn A. Adkins, AANEM Foundation’s Executive Director, “We would like to expand our clinical research fellowship offering, but right now we don’t have the funds. We hope that the membership will see the need for these and help fund these programs.”
Funding Commitments
In order to provide long term funding for two to three projects of about $120,000 per year, the AANEM transferred $3 million to the Foundation. “The AANEM is committed to supporting research, as demonstrated by this transfer of money to the Foundation,” said William S. Pease, MD, AANEM President. “This amount, however, only begins this commitment by funding two projects with the MDA and one project through AANEM. There are many more great research ideas that we are unable to fund. Please consider donating to the AANEM Foundation to help us advance neuromuscular medicine through research that will someday lead to improved treatments for our patients.”
Read more about the currently funded research projects at www.aanemfoundation.org/projects.

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