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TPP Trainee Portal

Physicians in training who participate in AANEM's TPP enjoy all of the benefits of AANEM membership. They also have access to exclusive educational materials that can be accessed from this page. Use the Trainee Resources button on this page, and log in using your AANEM username and password. For additional instructions, see the information below.

As an AANEM member, you also have access to an important resource - the combined knowledge and experience of your fellow members. Check out AANEM's member forum, AANEM Connect. Don't hesitate to join the wide range of topics already being discussed, or post a new question.


Training Resources Instructions

TPP trainee resources are located on the Training Program Partnership Resources course page.

The first time a trainee accesses this page, they will need to click Get Started to open the course page.

Select a resource type from the list to see all of the available learning materials. Some of the courses contain built-in sample exams. Work with your program director and coordinator for suggestions on the materials they would like you to use. Your program's administrative staff will be able to see which items you have accessed.
TPP Resources Page Image