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Mahmood Köprülü, Al-Khalidi - 3/11/2019 3:39:38 PM
peroneal neuropathy at fibular head
29 years old male presented with weakness in his right ankle dorsiflexion after releasing a cast in his right lower limb

NCS: peroneal -EDB
normal amplitude of CMAPs ( 3 mV ) for distal & below fibular head stimulation sites with normal distal latencies
decreased amplitude of CMAP above fibular head  stimulation ( 1.3 mV )

peroneal -TA
decreassd amplitude of CMAP for distal & proximal stimulation
tibial & sural NCSs : normal

EMG study
TA,PL : active denervation , unstable MUs with decreased receuitment
EDB : No active denervation with normal duration of MUs and deceeased recruitment
Short head of Biceps femoris,GN :  Normal EMG study

Q: may a compressive  neuroparhh show double abnormal NCS patterns to different muscles ( ex. in this case : axonal loss to TA & partial conduction block to EDB ! )

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