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Henry Spindler - 11/14/2020 6:52:16 PM
During the last 4 months I have seen 4 patients with fibular mono- neuropathies, a very high percentage for my practice. Two had foot drop with a sudden painless onset and an electrically confirmed lesion at the fibular head. Two others had paresthies in a fibular distribution but no definite electrical abnormalities. All 4 had,for the first time, been working at home on their computers. All confirmed that they sat for long periods with the symptomatic leg crossed underneath the other. ( See the photo of our president  on the cover of EDGE ) Since I usually only see patients once for a diagnostic evaluation, I rarely receive follow up. However, one of the patients with only paresthies told me they have improved since avoiding leg crossing.
Let's tell all those on-line workers to ge up and walk around

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