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Gary Branch - 10/22/2020 11:50:04 AM
CMAP findings in early suspected cervical radiculopathy
I recently saw a lady very early on (11 days) from onset of neck pain, arm pain, paresthesias and subjective weakness of the hand. I saw her for EMG at the request of her PCP due to travel and timing issues. Clearly this is not the ideal time from for EDX evaluation of radiculopathy. Her ulnar CMAP to ADM/FDI was reduced (~3.5 mv) with normal median CMAP, normal median, ulnar, radial and MABC/LABC sensory responses. No conduction block or slowing at the elbow. Needle examination showed mildly reduced recruitment in Extensor Indicis, triceps and maybe ADM. Normal paraspinals. I suspect cervical radiculopathy, possibly in C8 distribution. Has anyone seen this presentation and type of finding before? Any thoughts about the process involved?

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