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April Yuki - 10/15/2020 7:52:57 AM
Absnet surals in asymptomatic pt
I had a patient present the other day with back and buttocks pain for EMG. The patient was in her 30's. symptoms had been going on for almost a year. no weakness. no complaints of numbness or tingling in her toes or feet. NO radiating symptoms intot the leg. normal examination for strenth and sensation (light touch and vibration). no family hx of neuropathy. 

Her nerve conduction studies and needle exam were normal with exception of inability to otbain sural responses bilaterally. I moved the electrode 3 times on each side. I rolled across the calf with changes ,in stimulator alignement for several minutes and could not find anything that appeared consistant. 

Can this ever be a normal varient or is this signsof neuropathy that is not symptomsatic yet? 

April Yuki

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