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With your help, the American Neuromuscular Foundation can fund research that will improve the lives of patients with neuromuscular diseases.

Eligibility Requirements

Code of Conduct

By paying AANEM dues, you certify that you have:  You further certify that no determination by a private body or government entity exists declaring that you have violated provisions regulating medical ethics. Your payment confirms that if your conduct conflicts with the standards and principles of the AANEM, your application may be rejected or you may be subject to appropriate disciplinary action including but not limited to censorship, suspension, or expulsion from AANEM.

Categories of membership and their eligibility requirements are determined by the AANEM Bylaws. Eligibility requirements vary based on your membership type. To determine yours, choose from the options below:

All documents and letters can be uploaded during the online application process

Requirements for Physician Members
Requirements for Resident & Fellow Members 
Requirements for Technologist Members
Requirements for Collaborator Members 
Requirements for Researcher Members


Requirements for Physician Members

Applicants for this category include physicians from any background or discipline with an active medical license who are interested in either electrodiagnostic or neuromuscular medicine.
Physician members hold an active medical license in the state they are practicing.


Emeritus membership status is available for physicians who withdraw from active practice, as defined by board policy, as working less than 20 hours per week in a paid medical-related activity.  To be eligible for transfer to Emeritus membership in an upcoming membership term, the individual must have been an AANEM member for a minimum of 5 years prior to the request for transfer.  Members also may apply for Emeritus status due to permanent disability.  Members suffering from a temporary disability may apply for a waiver of dues during the length of the disability.  Emeritus members will be required each year to certify their agreement to adhere to AANEM’s ethical guidelines, as well as other guidelines required for other categories of membership. Click here to request Emeritus status for an upcoming membership term.

Requirements for Resident & Fellow Members

Applicants for this category are physicians who are enrolled in a medical residency or fellowship at the beginning of the calendar year.
  • Have an active medical license (U.S. physicians’ medical licenses can be verified online, overseas members must provide a copy of their current medical license)
  • Provide information about their current training program that can be verified if necessary


Requirements for Technologist Members

Applicants for this category of membership include nonphysicians who work under the supervision of a physician and assist with studies such as nerve conduction studies (NCSs), electroencephelograms (EEGs), intraoperative monitoring (IOM), evoked potentials, polysomnography, and ultrasound.
Technologist members must provide either a Letter of Support from Fellow or Active* AANEM member OR a Statement of Responsibility from an Associate* member or nonmember neurologist or PMR physician


Requirements for Collaborator Members

Applicants for this category of membership include nonphysician providers who work in collaboration with a neurologist or physical medicine and rehabilitation (PMR) physician who treats patients with neuromuscular diseases. Collaborator members can be business administrators managing academic or private neurology or PMR practices, supervisors that no longer perform electrodiagnostic (EDX) studies, or those with special training in the healthcare field such as nurses, physician assistants, or pharmacists.

Collaborator members must: provide a Letter of Support from an AANEM Fellow or Active* member OR a Statement of Responsibility from an *Associate member or non-member neurologist or PMR physician.


Requirements for Researcher Members

Applicants for this category of membership include nonphysicians who are a PhD investigator, engineer, holder of a master’s degree, or a graduate student enrolled in a PhD degree program and are currently active in neuromuscular or electrodiagnostic (EDX) research.

Researcher members must: provide a Letter of Support from an AANEM Fellow or Active* member OR a Statement of Responsibility from an Associate* member or nonmember neurologist or PMR physician.


Requirements for Medical Student Members

AANEM recognizes how important exposure to neuromuscular and electrodiagnostic subspecialties is to medical students.

Medical student members must: upload a verification of enrollment from their institutation.

Please contact AANEM at 507.288.0100 or to apply for Medical Student Membership.


Contact the AANEM Membership Department at 507.288.0100 or email
*A Fellow member is board certified by the American Board of Electrodiagnostic Medicine (ABEM); Active member is board certified by a primary American Board of Medical Specialties (ABMS) Board, Canadian equivalent, or Board of the American Osteopathic Association; Associate member holds a medical license but is not board certified. The AANEM online membership directory lists Fellow and Active membership status in the "member type" of each listing.