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With your help,  the AANEM Foundation can fund research that will improve the lives of patients with neuromuscular diseases.

Help Promote the Meeting

To generate buzz and excitement about the 2019 AANEM Annual Meeting, we are implementing a “selfie sign campaign” and we’re asking AANEM members and past meeting attendees to play an important, but easy, role! 
Just complete these 4 steps: 
  1.  Use a color printer to print the sign
  2.  Fill out the sign. Just finish this sentence: “The AANEM Annual Meeting is …”
    It’s best to fill it out using a dark marker/Sharpie.
  3.  Snap a photo of yourself (a “selfie”) holding the sign (or have a friend or coworker snap the pic for you)
    • This does NOT need to be a professional photo, nor does it need to be taken on any sort of fancy camera. Photos captured on smartphones are perfect!
    • Ensure the photo is taken at close range (we need to be able to read what’s on the sign).
    • Be sure the photo is clear and not blurry.
  4. Email your photo to 

And voila … that’s it! Easy, huh?
We will plan to use the “selfies” in a variety of AANEM’s marketing materials from now through October 2019 to promote the meeting.
We are ready for your close-up!







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