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Sold-Out or Cancelled Sessions and Workshops

The following sessions and workshops are no longer available. 

To be added to the waitlist for sold-out workshops or sessions, continue with the registration process as normal, adding your desired workshop or session to your registration. You will have the option to be added to the waitlist at that time.

Sold-Out Workshops:

W02B - Autonomic Testing Using EMG Equipment

W05AS - Cranial NCS and EMG Testing

W10C - EMG Needle Basics

W11A - EMG and US Respiratory

W18C - NM US

W20A - Office-Based Injection Procedures

W21AS - NCS Pitfalls

W22C - Skin Biopsy Technique 

W27A - Repetitive Nerve Stimulation

W31B - SFEMG Basic/Advanced

W45AS - Cervical Radiculopathy / Brachial Plexopathy

W55B - Myopathies EDX Approach

W58AS - US Upper Extremity Nerves and Plexus

W58C - US Upper Extremity Nerves and Plexus

W61A - US Lower Extremity Nerves and Muscles

W61AS - US Lower Extremity Nerves and Muscles

W70C - Expert US

W72B - Blink Reflex

W73C - Sonographic Needle Guidance

W75C - Chemodenervation Guidance Techniques

W76A - NM US Basic Upper Extremity

W77AS - US-Guided Peripheral Nerve Intervention Hydrodissection

W78AS - Chemodenervation for Head and Neck Conditions: Dystonia, Sialorrhea, Migraine

W79AS - Optimizing the Eval/Mngt of Peripheral Nerve Trauma

W80A - Tarsal Tunnel

W81B - NM US Basic Lower Extremity 

Sold-Out Sessions:

AFF5 - Challenging Cases Roundtable

AFF1 - Bedside Evidence Based Medicine

Cancelled Sessions and Workshops:

W07AS - Measuring Jitter Concentric Electrodes

W60B - US MSK Upper Extremity

W74C - Performing Arts Medicine







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