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2019 Online Coding Guide

  • Guidelines by AANEM

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  • Language: English
  • Published: 1/9/2018
  • Description: The AANEM 2019 Online Coding Guide is the most comprehensive source for EDX and NM coding. This web based format makes it easy to find CPT or diagnosis codes. Ensure proper coding and avoid potential payer rejections with its detailed explanations of how and when to use new EDX codes and CPT modifiers.

    The Coding Guide site is divided into 7 sections:

    Section 1 - Explains coding basics
    Section 2 - Provides CPT codes, modifiers, and a list of nerves
    Section 3 - Discusses evaluation and management coding
    Section 4 - Includes ICD-10-CM information
    Section 5 - Discusses the resource-based relative value scale
    Section 6 - Provides a sample billing form and various appeal letter samples
    Section 7 - FAQs and answers

    Your purchase will provide you with access to the 2019 guide through the end of 2019.

    To access the 2019 Coding Guide:
    After purchasing, log into your AANEM account and follow the link provided in your confirmation email to access this valuable tool.

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