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What to Expect During an EMG Test (Spanish) Template for Printing

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  • Language: Spanish
  • Published: 6/28/2017
  • Description: Members Only Spanish brochure template to Assist Your Practice.
    AANEM has updated the Spanish What To Expect During an EMG brochure in 2017 and made it available for AANEM members to personalize and print. Every Spanish speaking patient should be given this brochure prior to undergoing an EDX examination. Written in simple terms, this trifold brochure explains how to prepare for the study, why NCSs and needle EMGs are performed, and who should be performing the studies. It also prompts the patient to notify you of health concerns (ie a pacemaker, blood thinners) prior to undergoing the examination. There is room on the back to include appointment and contact information. Download the PDF and send it to your printer to make copies to distribute to your patients.

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