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University of California (San Francisco)

505 Parnassus Ave
Dept of Neurology Box 0114
San Francisco, CA 94143-0114

Training Program Director

Jeffrey Ralph, MD

Training Program Coordinator

Ashley Robelo

Other Staff

Jenn Cantero - Education Division Manager

AGCME Accredited
2 Fellowship positions for the 2022-2023 Fellowship Year.

3 Letters of Recommendation requested for applying

This one-year, ACGME-certified position is aimed at providing a broad education in the clinical, electrodiagnostic, and pathophysiological aspects of neuromuscular diseases. Fellows are eligible to sit for the ABPN Neuromuscular Boards and for the ABEM exam. Fellows learn the underlying physiology, methodology, and interpretation of standard neurophysiologic techniques, including standard needle electromyography, single-fiber electromyography, sensory and motor nerve conduction studies, H-reflex studies, F-wave studies, and analysis of changes in the waveforms of compound action potentials. Fellows learn how to interpret nerve and muscle biopsies. Fellows learn about neuromuscular disease in a number of different contexts, including: • Multidisciplinary ALS Clinic • Multidisciplinary Nerve Injury Clinic • Neuromuscular Clinics • Muscle Pathology Conference • MDA Clinic • Fellow Conferences

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