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Case Reports (42)

Title Topic Author(s)
Acute Facial DiplegiaDisease SpecificMarina Dididze, MD, PhD
Acute Paralytic PoliomyelitisDisease SpecificYuen T. So, MD, PhD and Richard K. Olney, MD
Acute Retrohumeral Radial NeuropathiesDisease Specific, NCSWilliam F. Brown, MD, FRCP(C) and Bradley V. Watson, BSc
Adult Acid Maltase DeficiencyDisease SpecificBashar Katirji, MD, FACP
Alcoholic PolyneuropathyDisease SpecificRobert W. Shields Jr, MD
Anterior Interosseous Nerve SyndromeNCSJacqueline J. Wertsch, MD
Anterior Interosseous Nerve SyndromeDisease Specific, NCSJacqueline J. Wertsch, MD
BotulismDisease Specific, EMG, NCSRicardo A. Maselli, MD and Nandini Bakshi, MD
Common Peroneal Mononeuropathy at the Fibular HeadDisease SpecificAsa J. Wilbourn, MD
Costoclavicular Mass SyndromeDisease SpecificJohn D. England, MD and Robert L. Tiel, MD
Diabetic AmyotrophyDisease SpecificSudhansu Chokroverty, MD, FRCP and Howard W. Sander, MD
Guillain-Barré SyndromeDisease SpecificDavid H. Weinberg, MD
Hemifacial Spasm: Preoperative Diagnosis and Postoperative ManagementDisease SpecificC. Michel Harper Jr, MD
Hereditary Neuropathy with Liability to Pressure PalsiesDisease SpecificMuhammad U. Farooq, MD; Jayne H. W. Martin, DO; Michael Andary, MD
Ischemic Monomelic NeuropathyDisease SpecificKerry H. Levin, MD
Leg Weakness after Cesarean SectionKristen L. Gruis, MD
Lewis-Sumner Syndrome Associated with InfliximaDisease SpecificDavyd R. Hooper, MD; Steven K. Baker, MD, MSc; and Mark A. Tarnopolsky, MD, PhD
Lumbrical Sparing in Severe Carpal Tunnel SyndromeDisease SpecificLata Kumaraswamy, DO, Vikram Narula, MD, Michael Andary, MD, MS
Monomelic AmyotrophyDisease SpecificPeter D. Donofrio, MD
Mononeuropathy MultiplexDisease Specific, NMGareth J.G. Parry, MB, ChB
Multifocal Motor NeuropathyDisease SpecificGareth J.G. Parry, MB, ChB
Multifocal Motor Neuropathy in a Patient with Ulcerative ColitisDisease SpecificHarneet Singh MD and Upinder K. Dhand MD
Myasthenia GravisDisease SpecificCharles K. Jablecki, MD
Nerve Injury Associated With Hip ArthroplastyDisease SpecificGary Goldberg, MD and Heidi Goldstein, MD
Nerve Ultrasound in Motor Conduction Block: Pre- and Post-treatment FindingsUltrasound/ImagingEdward C. Smith, MD; Lisa Hobson-Webb, MD; Vern C. Juel, MD; E.W. Massey, MD
Neuralgic Amyotrophy (Acute Brachial Neuropathy)NMS.H. Subramony, MD
Neuropathy Associated with LeprosyDisease SpecificJau-Shin Lou, MD, PhD
Numb ToesNMJose Santiago Campos, MD, Eric L. Altschuler, MD, PhD
Paraneoplastic Sensory NeuronopathyNMRahman Pourmand, MD and Bette G. Maybury, MD
Peripheral Neuropathy in Monoclonal Gammopathy of Undetermined SignificanceDisease SpecificPeter D. Donofrio, MD and John J. Kelly Jr, MD
PolymyositisDisease SpecificLawrence R. Robinson, MD
Prolonged Paralysis After Neuromuscular BlockadeNMJudith L. Gooch, MD
Pure Sensory Chronic Inflammatory Demyelinating PolyradiculopathyDisease SpecificEroboghene E. Ubogu, M. D. and Janet C. Rucker, M.D
Right Upper Extremity Pain and WeaknessEMG, NCS, NMTung Henry Tang, DO; Bryan Tsao, MD
Seventh Cranial NeuropathyDisease Specific, NCSJames M. Gilchrist, MD
Slurred Speech and Difficulty SwallowingNCS, NMKirsten Gruis, MD, MS
The Carpal Tunnel SyndromeDisease Specific, EMG, NCSMark A. Ross, MD and Jun Kimura, MD
The Tarsal Tunnel SyndromeDisease Specific, EMGJoel A. DeLisa, MD and Mohammad A. Saeed, MD, MS
True Neurogenic Thoracic Outlet SyndromeDisease Specific, EMG, NCSBryan Tsao, MD
Ulnar Neuropathy at or Distal to the WristDisease Specific, EMG, NCSRichard K. Olney, MD and Maurice Hanson, MD
Ulnar Neuropathy at the ElbowDisease Specific, EMG, NCSRobert G. Miller, MD
Ulnar Neuropathy in the Distal ForearmDisease SpecificWilliam W. Campbell, MD, MSHA

Coursebooks (96)

Title Topic Author(s)
2013 A Basic Approach to Common Upper Extremity Mononeuropathies and Brachial PlexopathiesEMG, NCSPaul E. Barkhaus, MD, Aiesha Ahmed, MD, Kerry H. Levin, MD, and Zachary Simmons, MD
2013 Acquired Neuromuscular Weakness in Critical IllnessNMDrs. Shawn J. Bird, Charles F. Bolton, MD, Mark M. Rich, and Dale M. Needham
2013 Basics With the ExpertsEMG, NCSTimothy Dillingham, MD, MS, Kathryn Stolp, MD, MS, Vern C. Juel, MD, Peter Donofrio, MD
2013 EDX and NM Medicine: Looking to the Future as We Address Today's ChallengesNMRK Stumphauzer, JD and Drs. TA Kuiken, ML Boninger, BJ Byrne, JD England, JC Kincaid, and PA Grant
2013 Fundamentals of Spine Care for the Non-Spine PhysicianMSKRobert W. Irwin, MD, Andrew J. Haig, MD, Thiru M. Annaswamy, MD MA, and Samuel M. Bierner, MD, MRM
2013 Neuromuscular TherapeuticsNMVern C. Juel, MD, David Lacomis, MD, Jenice Robinson, MD, and Bashar Katirji, MD
2013 Neuromuscular Ultrasound in ActionUltrasound/ImagingDrs. Craig Zaidman, Abraham Chaiton, Andrea J. Boon, Michael S. Cartwright, and Jasvinder P. Chawla
2013 NM Update Course II: Mind the Gap! Between Theory and PracticeNMAJ Skalsky, MD, BA Bassam, MD, AA Amato, MD, AC Peltier, MD, GJ Herbison, MD, and BE. Oskarsson, MD
2013 NM Update I: Updates on Genetics of Nerve and Muscle DiseaseGenetics/Genomics, NMDrs. John Bach, Benn Smith, Laurence Kinsella, Andrew Tarulli, Gregory Carter, and Shafeeq Ladha
2013 The Principles of NCS and Needle EMGEMG, NCSMark A. Ferrante, MD, Bryan Tsao, MD, and James Lewis, R.NCS.T., CNCT
2013 Upper Extremity Focal NeuropathiesEMG, NCSDianna Quan, MD, V. Vedanarrayan, MD, A. Arturo Leis, MD, Tanya Oswald, MD
AANEM Neuromuscular UpdateNMWolfe, Sanders, Teener, Lewis, Leshner, McDonald, Saperstein, Kumar, Richardson, Dyck, Tracy, Burns
Adult Onset MyopathiesMSK, NMRichard Baroh, MD, Anthony Amato, MD, Steven Greenberg, MD, and Mohammad Salajegheh, MD
Assessment of Traumatic Nerve InjuriesLawrence R. Robinson, MD, Jeffrey G. Jarvik, MD, MPH, David G. Kline, MD
Basics with the ExpertsEMG, NCS, NMJohn D. England, MD, Jun Kimura, MD, Vern C. Juel, MD, and Bassam A. Bassam, MD
Basics with the Experts, Upper Extremity Focal Neuropathies, and Shoulder DisordersEMG, MSK, NM
Carpal Tunnel Syndrome from A to ZDisease SpecificLawrence Robinson, MD, Jim Lewis, R.NCS.T., Carrie Ford, R.NCS.T., Janet James, R.NCS.T
Carpal Tunnel Syndrome: AdvancedDisease SpecificGary M. Franklin, MD, MPH, Michel Kliot, MD, Lawrence R. Robinson, MD
Clinical Research Design in Electrodiagnostic MedicineRichard Dubinsky, MD, MPH, David Saperstein, MD, James Gilchrist, MD, Luca Padua, MD, PhD
CMT: Charcot-Marie-Tooth Coursebook
CMT1: Pediatric Orthopaedic Surgery and the Hereditary Motor Sensory NeuropathiesRobert M. Bernstein, MD
CMT1: Pediatric Orthopaedic Surgery and the Hereditary Motor Sensory Neuropathies PPTRobert M. Bernstein
CMT2: Contemporary Treatment and Management of CMT Embracing the Exercise is Medicine ModelRobert D. Chetlin, PhD, CSCS, CHFS
CMT2: Contemporary Treatment and Management of CMT Embracing the Exercise is Medicine PPTRobert D. Chetlin, PhD, CSCS, CHFS
CMT3: Corrective Lower Limb Bracing in CMTMitchell Warner, CPO
CMT3: Corrective Lower Limb Bracing in CMT PPTMitchell Warner, CPO
CMT4: Current Topics and Treatment Options in Podiatric Medicine and SurgeryHal Orstein, DPM, FASPS
CMT4: Current Topics and Treatment Options in Podiatric Medicine and Surgery PPTHal Ornstein, DPM, FASPS
Crossfire: Controversies in NM and EDX Medicine and New Directions in Assessment of Nerve and MuscleEMG, NCS, NMRobinson, Johnson, Kimura, Fisher, Geiringer, Lagatutta, Ferrante, Tsao, Krivickas, Wilbourn, Simmon
Crossfire: Debates in Electrodiagnostic MedicineJohnson, Robinson, Kimura, Fisher, Wilbourn, and Lederman
Crossfire: Debates in Neuromuscular and Electrodiagnostic MedicineFishman, Werner, Primack, Pease, Johnson, and Robinson, MD
Crossfires: Controversies in Neuromuscular and Electrodiagnostic MedicineNMGeiringer, Werner, Dyck, Donofrio, Simmons, and Krivickas
Crossfires: Trigger Point Injections and Botulinum InjectionsPain ManagementMichael T. Andary, MD, MS, Timothy A. Collins, MD, Francis P. Lagattuta, MD, & Lawrence W. Frank, MD
Current Approaches to Common Neuromuscular Problems and Dysimmune NeuropathiesBromberg, Daube, Dillingham, Wernr, Burns, Gorson, Lewis, Smith
Current Approaches to NM Problems and Crossfires: Controversies in NM and EDX MedicineNMDaube, Dillingham, Bromberg, Werner, Walker, Bosch, Fisher, Rivner, Kincaid, Johnson
Current Concepts in Muscle DiseaseAnthony A. Amato, MD, Timothy M. Miller, MD, PhD, Mark B. Bromberg, MD, PhD, Gregory T. Carter, MD
Diabetic NeuropathiesDisease SpecificDrs. Christopher Gibbons, Peter J. Dyck, John D. Stewart, P. James B. Dyck
Diagnosis and Emerging Treatments in Inflammatory and Demyelinating NeuropathiesNorman Latov, MD, PhD, Thomas H. Brannagan III, MD, Marinos C. Dalakas, MD, Michio Hirano, MD
DMD and Rehabilitation Issues at Different Ages:From Childhood to Teenage/Youth Adult YearsJay J. Han, MD;Craig M. McDonald, MD;R. Ted Abresch, MS; Gregory T. Carter, MD, MS
Emerging Concepts and Technologies in Neuromuscular MedicineGriffin, Sanders, Mendell, Bach, Carter, and Martinoli
Foot and Ankle Nerve Disorders and Capturing Motion with Ultrasound: Blood, Muscle, Needle, NerveDisease SpecificPark, Del Tor, Patel, Mann, Walker, Wilder-Smith, Cartwright, Boon, Norbury
Foot and Ankle Nerve Disorders and Capturing Motion with Ultrasound: Blood, Muscle, Needle, Nerve-DDisease SpecificPark, Del Tor, Patel, Mann, Walker, Wilder-Smith, Cartwright, Boon, Norbury
Fundamentals in Electrodiagnostic MedicineEMG, NCSDaniel Dumitru, MD, PhD
Gait in Motion: Stepping into the 21st CenturyNMHerbison, Hallett, Lomen-Hoerth, Graham,Kaufman, and Richardson
Handout for Numbness, Tingling, Pain, and Weakness: A Basic Approach to Electrodiagnostic MedicineJasper Daube, MD
How Do We Measure Up? Quantitation in EDX and Clinical PracticeEMG, NCSDrs. Lawrence Robinson, David Cornblath, Erik Stålberg, Peter Dyck, Robert Rondinelli, Mark Hallett
How Do We Measure Up? Quantitation in EDX and Clinical Practice Part 2NMDrs. Peter Dyck, Robert Rondinelli, and Mark Hallett
Iatrogenic Neuromuscular Disorders and It Hurts Everywhere But My ShoulderMSK, NMAmato, Bolton, Donofrio, Howard, Gordon, Herbenick, Kincaid, Al Samkari, Shuster, Trzeciak
InjectionMSK, Pain ManagementRyan O'Connor, DO, Suehun Ho, MD, J. Steven Schultz, MD, Andrew Haig, MD, and Anthony Chiodo, MD
Instrumentation and Principles of NCS and Needle EMGEMG, NCSS Nandedkar, PhD, Dl Dunitru, MD, PhD, B Netherton, CNIM, M Ferrante, MD, J Lewis, CNCT, B Tsao, MD
Issues and Controversies in the Injured WorkerLaurence J. Kinsella, MD, and Asa J. Wilbourn, MD
Lower Extremity Focal NeuropathiesNCSArturo A. Leis, MD, S.H. Subramony, MD, Vettaikorumakankav Vedanarayanan, MD, MBBS, Mark A. Ross, MD
Mitochondrial Disorders, Biopsies, and Neuromuscular VignettesDrs. Mark Tarnopolsky, Bruce Cohen, Tulio Bertorini, James Teener, Bakri Elsheikh, and Bassam Bassam
Motor Neuron DiseaseDisease Specific, Genetics/Genomics, NMRowland, Brown, Sorenson, Shefner, Krivickas, Miller
Motor Neuron DiseaseRowland, Brown, Sorenson, Shefner, Krivickas, Miller
Myopathies: Issues in Diagnosis and Treatment and Crossfires: Piriformis Syndrome, TOS and TTSEMG, NCS, NMBarohn, Mammen, Wicklund, Amato, Bird, Johansen, Saeed, Weiss, Werner, Fishman
Neuroanatomy for Nerve Conduction StudiesNCS, Technologist EducationZachary Simmons, MD, Kevin Scott, MD, Kimberley Butler,R.NCS.T., Jerry Morris, MS, R.NCS.T.
Neuroanatomy of NCSNCSJerry Morris, CNCT, Kevin Scott, MD, MA, Kimberley B. Butler, CNCT, Zachary Simmons, MD
Neuromuscular Complications of Infectious DiseaseJun Li , MD, PhD, Erawady Mitrabhakdi, MD, Richard Lewis, MD, Yuen So, MD, PhD, Angela Genge, MD
Neuromuscular Disorders and Techniques: Novel Observations and Fresh LooksPryse-Phillips, MD, Shah, MD, Lennon, MD, PhD, Kazerooni, MD, PhD, Padua, MD, PhD, Kumar, MD
Neuromuscular UpdateNMPhillips, Dyck, Burns, Lacomis, Levin, Albers, Chaudhry, Wolfe, Lewis, Amato, Harati, Kwan, Carter
Neuromuscular Update Course 2009 DownloadLevin, Shook, Carter, Quan, Teener, Salajegheh, Amato, Wolfe, Ensrud, Chaudhry, Vernino, Han
Neuromuscular Update CoursebookWolfe, Sanders, Teener, Lewis, Leshner, McDonald, Saperstein, Kumar, Dyck, Burns, Quan, Chaudhry
Neuromuscular Update I & IIGenetics/Genomics, NMAmato, Carter, Levin, Quan, Salajegheh, Shook, Teener, Carter, Chaudhry, Ensrud, Han, McDonald
Neuromuscular Updates: Mitochondrial Disorders, Biopsies, HIV, Bracing, and Neuromuscular VignettesNMDrs Tarnopolsky, Cohen, Bertorini, Teener, Elsheikh, Bassam Simpson, Chaudhry, Weiss, Carter, Skalsk
Neuromuscular Updates: Toxin Induced NMD, NMJ Disorders and ICU Related NM Complications, AlternativNM
Neuropathies of Medical DiseasesDisease SpecificPeter Donofrio, MD, Vera Bril, MD, Ted Burns, MD, and Shawn Bird, MD
Neurophysiology and InstrumentationNCSSanjeev Nandedkar, PhD, Daniel Dumitru, MD, PhD, Brett Netherton, MS, CNIM
New Directions in Neurophysiologic Assessment of Nerve and MuscleKiernan, Rutkove, Jacobson, Doherty, and Stashuk
New Insights in Lumbosacral Plexopathy, Muscle and Nerve Pathology, and NM Quality of LifeDisease Specific, NMLevin, Said, Dyck, Muley, Jaeckle, Hays, Amato, Tanji, Wang, Abresch, McDonald, Bromberg
NM Update Course II: Inflammatory Myopathies/Myotonic DisordersNMDrs. Barohn, Greenberg, Bassam,Elsheikh, Wang, Carter, and Tarulli
NM Update I: MND Pathophysiology and Genetics Rehab Aspects of Treatment, CIDP & Related DisordersGenetics/Genomics, NMMark B. Bromberg, MD, PhD, Nanette C. Joyce, DO, Thomas H. Brannagan, III, MD, Richard A. Lewis, MD
Numbness, Tingling, Pain, and Weakness: A Basic Approach to Electrodiagnostic MedicineNM, Pain ManagementJasper Daube, MD, Peter Donofrio, MD, Timothy Dillingham, MD, MS, and Lawrence Robinson, MD
Numbness, Tingling, Pain, and Weakness: A Basic course in Electrodiagnostic MedicineAnthony Amato MD, Lawrence Robinson MD, Kathryn Stolp MD, Peter Donofrio MD, Timothy Dillingham MD
Numbness, Tingling, Pain, and Weakness: A Basic course in Electrodiagnostic MedicineAmato, Robinson, Stolp, Donofrio, and Dillingham
Opening the Black Box: The Mysteries of Therapeutic Exercise Unlocked...MSK, NMDoherty, Dubin, McGill, Prather, Press, Tarnopolsky
Pain: From Theory to Practice and BeyondPain ManagementDrs. Vera Bril, Simon Rock Levinson, Todd Levine, Sean Mackey, Anthony Chiodo, and Gary Franklin
Painful Foot and AnklePark, Del Toro, Saeed, Patel, Easley
Painful HipJeffrey S. Brault, DO, Lyell K. Jones, MD, Keith Bengtson, MD, Raza A. Awan, MD
Painful ShoulderMichael T. Andary, MD, MS, Kerry H. Levin, MD, Marko V. Bodor, MD, John L. Andary, MD, MBA
Peripheral Nerve InjuryEMG, NCSLawrence R. Robinson, MD, Cynthia T. Chin, MD, and Michel Kliot, MD
Peripheral Nervous System Complications of Infectious DiseasesDisease SpecificA. Arturo Leis, MD, John J. Halperin, MD, Taylor B. Harrison, MD, and Dianna Quan, MD
Plenary: Neuromuscular Complications of Cancer and its TreatmentDisease Specific, NMDrs. Steven Vernino, Kurt Jaeckle, Eric Lis, Gary Bennett, Andrea Cheville, and Michael Stubblefield
Practice ManagementNM, Practice ManagementMichelle Dougherty, MA, RHIA, CHP, David Shuster, MD, T. Darrell Thomas, MD, Douglas Wayne, MD
Practice Management and Shoulder PainMSK, NMTranchitella, Saeed, Grant, Fogelson, Wilson, Frank, Dillingham, Ferrante, Leonard, Krivickas
SpasticityEMG, NMGeoffrey Sheean, MBBS, John McGuire, MD, Debabrata Ghosh, MD, and Stephen Kishner, MD
Sports Related Neuromuscular Disorders and Exercise in Neuromuscular DiseasesEMG, NCS, NMChiodo, Frank, Dubin, Lagattuta, Tranoplsky
The Best Darn Spine Program... Period!Nachemson,Atchison, La Marca, Indahl,Quint, Wilbourn, Geiringer, MD
The Hip and The Neuromuscular Physician From EDX to Coxa Saltans and Critical CareMSK, NMCarey, Doherty, Miller, Ross, Sequeira, Bird, Bolton, Boon, Burns, Podnar
The Principles of NCS and Needle EMGEMG, NCSMark A. Ferrante, MD, James Lewis, CNCT, R.NCS.T., Bryan E. Tsao, MD
UltrasoundUltrasound/ImagingJeremy D. P. Bland, MBChB, Michael S. Cartwright, MD, MS, Craig Zaidman, MD, & Victor H. Flores, MD
UltrasoundUltrasound/ImagingFrancis Walker, MD, Craig Zaidman, MD, Seward Rutkove, MD and Victor Flores, MD
Update on Myasthenia GravisLawrence Phillips II, MD, Vern Juel, MD, Donald Sanders, MD, Richard Barohn, MD, James Gilchrist, MD
Vignette Answers for Mitochondrial Disorders, Biopsies, and Neuromuscular Vignettes
Vignettes Answers
When it's Not ALS! Pure Motor SyndromesJonathan S. Katz, MD, David S. Saperstein, MD, Richard J. Barohn, MD, Vinay Chaudhry, MD

Ethics Vignettes (2)


Guidelines (9)

Title Topic Author(s)
Distal Symmetric PolyneuropathyNMEngland, Gronseth, Franklin,Carter, Kinsella, Cohen, Asbury, Szigeti, Lupski, Latov, Lewis, Low
Electrodiagnostic Studies in Ulnar Neuropathy at the Elbow
Glossary of Terms in Electrodiagnostic MedicineNM
Guidelines for Ethical Behavior Relating to Clinical Practice Issues in Neuromuscular & EDX MedicineDrs. Abel, De Sousa, Govindarajan, Mayer and Simpson
Laryngeal EMG: Evidence-based ReviewRobert T. Sataloff, MD, Steven Mandel, MD, Eric A. Mann, MD, PhD, Christy L. Ludlow, PhD
Practice Parameter for Electrodiagnostic Studies in Carpal Tunnel Syndrome: Summary StatementDisease Specific, EMG, NCSJablecki, Andary, Floeter, Miller, Quartly, Vennix, Wilson
Repetitive Nerve Stimulation and Single Fiber EMG Eval of Adults w/Suspected Myasthenia GravisDisease Specific, EMG, NCSChiou-Tan,Tim, Gilchrist,Weber, Wilson, Benstead,Braker, Caress, Chokroverty, Hackett, Harmon
Usefulness of Electrodiagnostic Techniques in the Evaluation of Suspected Tarsal Tunnel SyndromeEMG, NCSPatel, Gaines, Malamut, Park, Del Toro, and Holland
Utility of EDX Techniques in Evaluating Patients with Suspected Peroneal NeuropathyEMGChristina Marciniak, MD, Carmel Armon, MD, MHS, John Wilson, MD, and Robert Miller, MD

Journal Reviews (26)

Title Topic Author(s)
Acetylcholinesterase Inhibitors in MG: to be or not to be?NMAnna Rostedt Punga, MD, PhD and Erik Stålberg, MD, PhD.
Alcohol-Related Peripheral Neuropathy: Nutritional, Toxic, or Both?NMMichelle Mellion, MD, James M. Gilchrist, MD, and Suzanne De La Monte, MD
Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis and Palliative Care: Where We Are, and the Road AheadDisease Specific, NMLeslie J. Blackhall, MD, MTS
Applying Proteomics to the Diagnosis and Treatment of ALS and Related DiseasesDisease Specific, NMRobert Bowser, PhD, and David Lacomis, MD
Bladder Dysfunction in Peripheral NeuropathiesNMAhmet Z. Burakgazi, MD, Bander Alsowaity, MD, Zeynep Aydin Burakgazi, BS, Dogan Unal, MD, John J. Ke
Diabetes Mellitus and the Peripheral Nervous System Manifestations and MechanismsNM, Pain ManagementDouglas W. Zochodne, MD
Exercise and Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy: Toward Evidence-Based Exercise PrescriptionDisease Specific, NMChad D. Markert, PhD, Fabrisia Ambrosio, PT, PhD, Jarrod A. Call, MS, and Robert W. Grange, PhD
Gene-Based Treatment of Motor Neuron DiseasesNMThais Federici, PhD, Nicholas M. Boulis, MD
Human Mitochondrial tRNAs: Role of Pathogenic Mutation in DiseaseGenetics/Genomics, NMFernando Scaglia, MD; Lee-Jun C. Wong, PhD
Immunocompetence of Schwann CellsNMG. Meyer Zu Hörste, MD; W. Hu, MD; Hans-P. Hartung, MD; H. C. Lehmann, MD; B. C. Kieseier, MD
Juvenile Myasthenia GravisNMLaura M. Chiang, A.B., Basil T. Darras, M.D., Peter B. Kang, M.D.
Liver Transplantation and Transthyretin AmyloidosisGenetics/Genomics, NMMerrill D Benson, MD
Molecular Biology and Clinical Features of Amyloid NeuropathyGenetics/GenomicsMerrill D. Benson, MD and John C. Kincaid, MD
Multifocal Motor NeuropathyDisease SpecificEduardo Nobile-Orazio, MD, PhD, Alberto Cappellari, MD, and Alberto Priori, MD, PhD
Muscle After Spinal Cord InjuryNMBiering-Sorensen, MD, Bruun Kristensen, MD, Kjaer, MD, DMSc, and Biering-Sorensen, MD, DMSc
Neurologic Complications Following Obesity SurgeryNMB.M. Koffman, MD, PhD; L.J. Greenfield, MD, PhD; I.I. Ail, MD; N.A. Pirzada, MD
Neuromuscular Electrical Stimulation in NeurorehabilitationNMLynne R. Sheffler, MD, John Chae, MD
Pathophysiology of Immune-Mediated Demyelinating Neuropathies Part I: NeuroscienceNMHessel Franssen, MD, PhD, and Dirk C.G. Straver, MD
Pathophysiology of Immune-Mediated Demyelinating Neuropathies Part II: NeurologyNMHessel Franssen, MD, PhD, and Dirk C.G. Straver, MD
Piriformis SyndromeMSKJonathan S. Kirschner, MD, Patrick M. Foye, MD, Jeffrey L. Cole, MD
Quality of Life and Measures of Quality of Life in Patients with Neuromuscular DisordersNMTed M. Burns, MD, Christopher D. Graham, MRes, Michael R. Rose, MD, and Zachary Simmons, MD
Quantitative Studies of Autonomic FunctionNCSMax J. Hilz, MD, PhD; Matthias Dütsch, MD
Respiratory Therapies for Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis: A PrimerDisease Specific, NMKirsten L. Gruis, MD, MS, and Noah Lechtzin, MD, MHS
RNA Processing Defects Associated With Diseases of the Motor NeuronNMStephen J. Kolb, MD, PhD, Scott Sutton, BS, and Daniel R. Schoenberg, PhD
Tumor Necrosis Factor - Alpha and NeuropathyNMJoerg-Patrick Stübgen, MD
Uremic Neuropathy: Clinical Features and New Pathophysiological InsightsDisease SpecificArun V. Krishnan, MB, BS, PhD, Matthew C. Kiernan, MB, BS, PhD

Lecture Series (47)

Title Topic Author(s)
Acute Flaccid WeaknessJames W. Teener, MD, Richard A. Lewis, MD
ALS, A Treatable Disease Without a CureRobert G. Miller, MD
Approach to Patients with Neuromuscular Disorders AudioAnthony A. Amato, MD
Approach to Patients with Neuromuscular Disorders ManuscriptAnthony A. Amato, MD
Approach to Patients with Neuromuscular Disorders Presentation SlidesAnthony A. Amato
Asymmetric Motor WeaknessKerry H. Levin, MD, Anthony A. Amato, MD, Jay J. Han, MD
Biology/Genetics of ALS/MARobert H. Brown, MD, DPhil
Botulinum Toxin for Pain Audio
Botulinum Toxin for Pain Presentation Slides
Brachial PlexopathyDianna Quan, MD, Vinay Chaudhry, MD
Carpal Tunnel Basics AudioErnest W. Johnson, MD
Carpal Tunnel Basics Presentaton SlidesErnest W. Johnson, MD
Clinical Trials in Anterior Horn Cell Disease: What Have We Learned?Jeremy M. Shefner, MD
Coding and Billing for the Electrodiagnostic Practice Presentation SlidesNeil A. Busis, MD
Coding and Billing for the Electrodiagnostic Practice SyllabusNeil A. Busis, MD
Coding and Billing TeleconferenceNeil Busis, MD
Commonly Prescribed Prescription Medications for Neuropathic PainGil I. Wolfe, MD
Evaluating Patients with Peripheral Neuropathies Audio
Evaluating Patients with Peripheral Neuropathies Manuscript
Evaluating Patients with Peripheral Neuropathies Presentation Slides
Evaluating Patients with Suspected Radiculopathies Audio
Evaluating Patients with Suspected Radiculopathies Manuscript
Evaluating Patients with Suspected Radiculopathies Presentation Slides
Evaluating the Patient with Focal Neuropathies AudioKathryn A. Stolp, MD, MS
Evaluating the Patient with Focal Neuropathies Manuscript
Evaluating the Patient with Focal Neuropathies Presentation SlidesKathryn A. Stolp, MD, MS
Floppy InfantRobert T. Leshner, MD, Craig M. McDonald, MD
Genetics of Charcot Marie ToothStephen Zuchner, MD
Genetics of Muscular DystrophyRobert T. Leshner, MD
Hereditary Peripheral Neuropathy, Variability of PresentationsGil I. Wolfe, MD; Erik R. Ensrud, MD;Gregory T. Carter, MD, MS
How to Create a Successful Team and Build Your EDX Referral BasePeter A. Grant
How to Create a Successful Team and Build Your EDX Referral Base AudioDr. Peter A. Grant
Lower Motor Neuron Syndromes: Where are We?Lewis P. Rowland, MD
Management of Neuromuscular Junction DisordersDonald B. Sanders, MD
Management of Neuromuscular Junction DisordersDonald B. Sanders, MD
Metabolic MyopathyYadollah Harati, MD, Jay J. Han, MD
Mononeuropathy: Postoperative Foot DropKerry H. Levin, MD; Steven J. Shook, MD; Greg T. Carter, MD, MS
MyeloneuropathyDavid S. Saperstein, MD, Jeeraj Kumar, MD
Myotonic Disorders: Patient with Muscle Stiffness and Episodic WeaknessMohammad K. Salajegheh; MD, Anthony A. Amato, MD
Neurophysiology of ALSEric J. Sorenson, MD
Nonprescription Medications and Nonconventional Therapies for Neuropathic PainTodd D. Levine, MD
Oculobulbar WeaknessGil I. Wolfe, MD, Donald B. Sanders, MD
Painful Small-Fiber NeuropathyDianna Quan, MD, Vinay Chaudhry, MD
Paraneoplastic DisordersVinay Chaudhry, MD;Steven Vernino, MD, PhD
Peripheral and Central Neuropathic PainPeter D. Donofrio, MD
Rehabilitation of ALS: Why it MattersLisa S. Krivickas, MD
Systemic Disease and Neuromuscular DisordersDiana Quan, MD; James W. Teener, MD

Monographs (42)

Title Topic Author(s)
Autonomic Nervous System TestingNCSJohn M. Ravits, MD
Basic Concepts of Electricity and Electronics in Clinical ElectromyographyEMGDaniel T. Barry, MD, PhD
Clinical Neurophysiology of the Respiratory SystemCharles F. Bolton, MD, FRCP(C)
Differential Diagnosis of Myotonic DisordersNMGeorgios Manousakis, MD, Muhammad Al-Lozi, MD, Timothy M. Miller, MD, PhD
Differential Diagnosis of Myotonic DisordersTimothy M. Miller, MD, PhD
Differential Diagnosis of Myotonic Disorders Members Only Online CMETimothy M. Miller, MD, PhD
Diseases Associated With Excess Motor Unit ActivityEMGRaymond G. Auger, MD
EDX Studies of the Facial Nerve in Peripheral Facial Palsy and Hemifacial SpasmEMG, NCSJosep Valls-Sole, MD
Electrodiagnosis of Carpal Tunnel SyndromeDisease Specific, EMG, NCSRobert A. Werner, MD and Michael Andary, MD, MS
Electrodiagnostic Approach to Defects of Neuromuscular TransmissionEMG, NCSJohn C. Keesey, MD
Electrodiagnostic Studies in Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis and Other Motor Neuron DisordersJasper R. Daube, MD
Electrodiagnostic Studies of MyoclonusDisease Specific, NCSHiroshi Shibasaki, MD and Mark Hallett, MD
Electrophysiology of Neuromuscular Disorders in Critical IllnessNMDavid Lacomis, MD
Facial and Limb MyokymiaEMGLudwig Gutmann, MD
Factors Affecting the Amplitude of Human Sensory Compound Action PotentialsNCSCharles F. Bolton, MD
H Reflexes and F Waves: Physiology and Clinical IndicationsNCSMorris A. Fisher, MD
H Reflexes and F Waves: Physiology and Clinical IndicationsNCSMorris A. Fisher, MD
Important Anomalous Innervations of the ExtremitiesNCSLudwig Gutmann, MD
Instrumentation and Measurement in Electrodiagnostic MedicineAndrew J. Gitter, MD and Walter C. Stolov, MD
Intraoperative Monitoring of Peripheral and Cranial NervesWilliam F. Brown, MD and James Veitch, RTEMG
Late-Onset Pompe Disease: Presentation, Diagnosis, and ManagementDisease Specific
Macro EMG: An UpdateEMGErik V. Stålberg, MD, PhD
Magnetic Stimulation of the Central and Peripheral Nervous SystemMarkus Weber, MD and Andrew A. Eisen, MD
Motor Unit RecruitmentEMGJack H. Petajan, MD, PhD
Needle ElectromyographyDisease Specific, EMG, NCSJasper Daube, MD and Devon I. Rubin, MD
Neurogenic Muscle HypertrophyEMGLudwig Gutmann, MD
Neuromuscular And Musculoskeletal Problems in InstrumentalistsRichard J. Lederman, MD, PhD
Neuromuscular Diseases Associated with HIV-1 InfectionJessica Robinson-Papp, MD and David M. Simpson, MD
Neuromuscular Ultrasound in Common Entrapment NeuropathiesUltrasound/ImagingMichael S. Cartwright, MD, MS, and Francis O. Walker, MD
Neuropathies in Connective Tissue DiseaseDisease Specific, NMRichard K. Olney, MD
Neurophysiology in NeurourologyNMMargaret M. Roberts, MD, PhD
Normative Data in Electrodiagnostic MedicineEMG, NCSLes Dorfman, MD and Lawrence R. Robinson, MD
Peripheral Nerve Stimulation and Monitoring in Intraoperative ProceduresNCSBrian A. Crum, MD and Jeffrey A. Strommen, MD
Polyneuropathy: Classification by Nerve Conduction Studies and EMGEMG, NCSPeter D. Donofrio, MD and James W. Albers, MD, PhD
Single-Fiber ElectromyographyEMGDonald B. Sanders, MD and Erik V. Stålberg, MD, PhD
Somatosensory Evoked PotentialsNCSMichael J. Aminoff, MD, FRCP and Andrew A. Eisen, MD
The Distribution of Conduction Velocities in Peripheral Nerves: A ReviewNCSLes Dorfman, MD
The Early Development of ElectromyographyEMGFrancis J. Bonner Jr, MD and Allen gb. Devlesch Howard, MD
The Electrodiagnosis of Ulnar Neuropathy at the ElbowDisease Specific, EMG, NCSJohn C. Kincaid, MD
The Electrophysiologic Examination in Patients With RadiculopathiesEMG, NCSAsa J. Wilbourn, MD and Michael J. Aminoff, MD
Traumatic Injury to Peripheral NervesNMLawrence R. Robinson, MD
Volume ConductionNCSDaniel Dumitru, MD and Joel A. DeLisa, MD

Podcasts (117)

Title Topic Author(s)
A Novel Autoantibody in Patients with Necrotizing Myopathy by Andrew L. Mammen, MD, PhDDisease SpecificAndrew L. Mammen, MD, PhD
A Practical Approach to the Metabolic Myopathies; Diagnosis and Treatment: Glycogen Storage MyopathyDisease Specific, NMMark A. Tarnopolsky, MD, PhD
A randomized study of alglucosidase alfa in late-onset Pompe's diseaseDisease SpecificRobert Leshner, MD, and Paula Clemens, MD
Abnormal EMG Findings During Muscle ActivationEMGJasper R. Daube, MD, and Devon I. Rubin, MD
Abnormal Needle EMG Findings with the Muscle at RestEMGJasper R. Daube, MD, and Devon I. Rubin, MD
Accuracy of Repetitive Nerve Stimulation for Diagnosis of Cramp-Fasciculation SyndromeNCS, NMTaylor B. Harrison, MD and Michael Benatar, MBChB, DPhi
ALS may be caused by impaired protein recycling and degradationDisease SpecificDr. Teepu Siddique
ALS Onset is Influenced by the Burden of Rare Variants in Known ALS Genes by Drs. Baloh and HarmsDisease SpecificDrs. Robert Baloh and Matthew Harms
Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis and palliative care: Where we are, and the road ahead by Dr. BlackhallDisease SpecificDr. Leslie J. Blackhall
An Unusual Variant of Acute Idiopathic PolyneuritisDisease SpecificC. Miller Fisher, MD
Antisynthetase syndrome and myositis by Dr. Andrew L. MammenDisease Specific, NMDr. Andrew L. Mammen
Ascorbic Acid for Charcot–Marie–Tooth DiseaseDisease SpecificJoshua Burns, PhD
Association of inclusion body myositis with T cell large granular lymphocytic leukaemiaDisease SpecificDr. Stephen Greenberg
Autosomal-Recessive and X-linked Forms of Hereditary Motor and Sensory Neuropathy in ChildhoodDisease Specific, Genetics/GenomicsMonique Ryan, M Med, BS, FRACP and Robert Ouvrier, MD, BS, BSc
Axillary Pain as a Heralding Sign of Neoplasm Involving the Upper Thoracic RootDisease SpecificDevon Rubin, MD
Cardiomyopathies in Muscular Dystrophies by Christopher Spurney, MDNMChristopher Spurney, MD and Ted Burns, MD
Charcot-Marie-Tooth Subtypes and Testing StrategiesGenetics/GenomicsMichael E. Shy, MD
Chronic Inflammatory PolyradiculoneuropathyDisease SpecificPeter J. Dyck, MD
Chronic pain as a manifestation of potassium channel-complex autoimmunity by Dr. Christopher KleinNMDr. Christopher Klein
Clinical Presentation and Acquired Causes of RhabdomyolysisDisease SpecificDrs. Jessica Nance and Andrew Mammen
Clinical Value of Motor Nerve Conduction Velocity DeterminationNCSErnest W. Johnson, MD
Clinical Value of Motor Nerve Conduction Velocity Determination by Ernest W. Johnson, MDNCSDr. Ernest Johnson
Critical Illness Polyneuropathy and MyopathyNMCharles Bolton, MD
Cytosolic 5'-nucleotidase 1A autoimmunity in sporadic inclusion body myositis by Dr.Steven GreenbergDisease SpecificDr. Steven A. Greenberg
Dermatomyositis and Autoantibodies by Dr. Andrew L. MammenDisease SpecificDr. Andrew L. Mammen
Diabetic and Nondiabetic Lumbosacral Radiculoplexus NeuropathiesDisease Specific, NMP. James B. Dyck, MD
Diabetic cervical radiculoplexus neuropathy: a distinct syndrome expanding the spectrum of diabeticDisease SpecificDrs. R Massie and PJ Dyck
Diagnosis and Treatment of Limb Girdle and Distal Dystrophies, Evidence-Based GuidelineDisease SpecificDrs. Anthony Amato and Pushpa Narayanaswami
Diagnosis of the Limb-girdle Muscular DystrophiesNMDr. Kate Bushby
Diagnostic Ultrasound of the Fibular (Peroneal) NerveDrs. Francis Walker and Michael Cartwright.
Diagnostic Ultrasound of the Median Nerve and Median Neuropathy at the Wrist.Ultrasound/ImagingDrs. Francis Walker and Michael Cartwright.
Diagnostic Ultrasound of the Ulnar Nerve and Ulnar Neuropathy at the Elbow.Ultrasound/ImagingDrs. Francis Walker and Michael Cartwright.
Distal Symmetric PolyneuropathyDisease SpecificJohn D. England, MD
Early Days of Single Fiber EMGEMGErik Stålberg, MD, PhD and Donald Sanders, MD
Electrodiagnosis of Ulnar Neuropathy at the Elbow (Une): a Bayesian Approach.Disease Specific, EMGDrs. Justin Willer and Eric Logigian
Electromyographic and Magnetic Resonance Imaging to Predict Lumbar Stenosis, Low-back Pain, and...Ultrasound/ImagingAndrew J. Haig, MD
Electrophysiological Findings in a Cohort of Old Polio SurvivorsDisease Specific, NMEric J. Sorenson, MD
Evaluation and management of foot drop by John D. Stewart, MBBS,MRCP(UK),FRCPEMG, NCS, NMJohn D. Stewart, MBBS,MRCP(UK),FRCP
Evaluation and Treatment of the Inflammatory MyopathiesNMAnthony A. Amato, MD and Richard J. Barohn, MD
Evidence Based Guideline on Treatment of Painful Diabetic Neuropathy by Vera Bril, MDPain ManagementVera Bril, MD
Exome Sequencing by Michael Shy, MD and Stephan Zuchner, MDMichael Shy, MD and Stephan Zuchner, MD
Experimental Allergic NeuritisNMRaymond Adams, MD
Facioscapulahumeral Muscular DystrophyDisease SpecificRabi Tawil, MD
Facioscapulohumeral muscular dystrophy: molecular pathological advances and future directionsDisease SpecificDrs. Jeff Statland and Rabi Tawil
Gene editing in monogenic diseases with CRISPR. Interview with Eric Olson, PhDDr. Eric Olson
Genetics, Pathology, and Treatment of Nondystrophic MyotoniasDisease Specific, Genetics/GenomicsMichael G. Hanna, MD, and Richard J. Barohn, MD
Good Nutritional Control May Prevent Polyneuropathy After Bariatric SurgeryNMPariwat Thaisetthawatkul, MD and P. James Dyck, MD
Histopathology of NeuropathyNMPeter J. Dyck, MD
Identifying Lumbosacral RadiculopathiesEMGTimothy Dillingham, MD
IgG1 Antibodies to Acetylcholine Receptors in ‘Seronegative’ MGNMAngela Vincent, MB
Immunotherapy in Guillain-Barre SyndromeDisease SpecificRichard AC Hughes, MD, FRCP
Improving Referring Physicians' Understanding of EMG Reports When Qualifying RadiculopathiesDisease SpecificElizabeth A Mauricio, MD and Devon Rubin, MD
Inclusion Body MyositisDisease SpecificAnthony A. Amato, MD and Richard J. Barohn, MD
Influenza Vaccination Safety for Patients with Myasthenia GravisNMLorne H. Zinman, MD, MSc, FRCPC, and David N. Juurlink, BPhm, MD, PhD, FRCPC
Inherited Etiologies of RhabdomyolysisDisease SpecificDrs. Jessica Nance and Andrew Mammen
Inherited Neuropathies: Clinical Overview and Update by Drs. Christopher Klein and Michael ShyGenetics/Genomics, NMDrs. Christopher Klein and Michael Shy
Interferon-Alpha Beta–Mediated Innate Immune Mechanisms in DermatomyositisNMSteven A. Greenberg, MD
Is Exercise Necessary with Repetitive Nerve Stimulation in Evaluating Patients with Suspected...NMDevon Rubin, MD
Is There an Increased Risk of GBS Following Influenza Vaccines or Other Vaccines?NMRichard AC Hughes, MD, FRCP
Lessons Learned in Single Fiber EMGEMGErik Stålberg, MD, PhD and Donald Sanders, MD
Lifetime Course in Myasthenia GravisDisease SpecificMikhail Charny, MD and Murali Pagala, MD
Limb Girdle Muscular DystrophyDisease SpecificKathryn N. North, MD
Muscle intrusion as a potential cause of carpal tunnel syndrome by Dr. Michael CartwrightDisease SpecificDr. Michael Cartwright
MuSK -Antibody Positive Myasthenia GravisDisease SpecificDonald Sanders, MD
Mutations in SEPT9 Cause Heredic Neuralgic AmyotrophyDisease SpecificPhillip Chance, MD and Mark Hannibal, MD
Myasthenia Gravis and the use of IVIg and Therapeutic Plasma Exchange by Dr. Vern JuelDisease SpecificDr. Vern Juel
Myelin Protein Zero Mutation His39ProNMChristopher Klein, MD
Myofibrillar MyopathiesNMDuygu Selcen, MD
Myokymic and Neuromyotonic Discharges by Drs. Ludwig Gutmann, Jasper Daube, and Devon RubinNMLudwig Gutmann, MD, Jasper Daube, MD, Devon Rubin, MD and Ted Burns, MD
Myotonic Dystrophy Health Index: Initial Evaluation of a Disease-Specific Outcome MeasureDisease SpecificDr. Chad Heatwole
NCS Technique for Ulnar NeuropathyNCSWilliam W. Campbell, MD, and Mary Franklin, CNCT, R. EEG T.
NCS Technique for Ulnar NeuropathyNCS
Necrotizing Myopathies by Dr. Andrew L. MammenDisease Specific, EMGDr. Andrew L. Mammen
Needle ElectromyographyEMGJasper R. Daube, MD, and Devon I. Rubin, MD
Needlestick Injuries Among ElectromyographersEMGFarrah Mateen, MD
Nerve Conduction Studies and Carpal Tunnel Syndrome for the END TechnologistNCSJames L Lewis and Michael T. Andary, MD, MS
Neuralgic Amyotrophy (Parsonage-Turner): Etiology, Treatment, Natural History by Nens Van AlfenDisease SpecificDrs. Nens Van Alfen and Ted Burns
Neuralgic Amyotrophy (Parsonage-Turner): presentation and diagnosis. Interview with Nens Van AlfenDisease SpecificDrs. Nens Van Alfen and Ted Burns
Next Generation Sequencing and its Impact on Neuromuscular Medicine by Dr. Daniel MacArthurGenetics/GenomicsDr. Daniel MacArthur
Nondystrophic MyotoniasDisease SpecificMichael G. Hanna, MD, and Richard J. Barohn, MD
Normative Data Task Force: Establishing High-Quality Reference Values for NCSEMG, NCSDrs. Ted Burns and Timothy Dillingham
Paraneoplastic Neuromuscular Disorders by Drs. Lydia Sharp and Steven VerninoNMDrs. Lydia Sharp and Steven Vernino
Pathokinesiology of Duchenne Muscular DystrophyDisease Specific, Genetics/Genomics
Pathokinesiology of Duchenne Muscular DystrophyDisease Specific, Genetics/GenomicsErnest W. Johnson, MD
Patterns of Clinical and EDX Abnormalities in early ALSDisease SpecificDrs. Neil Simon and Noah Kolb
Pediatric ElectromyographyEMGH. Royden Jones, Jr, MD
Peripheral Neuropathy in Krabbe DiseaseDisease SpecificZaeem Siddiqi, MD
Pharmacokinetics of IVIg and Outcome in GBS by Krista Kuitwaard, MDDr. Krista Kuitwaard
Pharmacotherapy for Neuropathic Pain in AdultsNMStephen Goutman, MD and Nadine Attal, MD
POEMS vs. CIDPDisease SpecificDrs. Michelle Mauermann and P. James B. Dyck
Post-surgical Inflammatory Neuropathy by P. James B. Dyck, MD and Nathan Staff, MDDisease SpecificDrs. P. James B. Dyck and Nathan Staff
Practical Approach to the Metabolic Myopathies; Diagnosis & Treatment-FAOD & Mitochondrial...NMMark A. Tarnopolsky, MD, PhD
Presymptomatic ALS genetic counseling and testing: Experience and recommendationsDisease SpecificDr. Michael Benatar
Pulsed High-dose Dexamethasone Versus Standard Prednisolone Treatment for CIDPNMIvo N. van Schaik, MD, PhD
Radiculopathy and the Herniated Lumbar DiscNMMichael K. Schaufele , MD
Randomized Trial of Thymectomy in Myasthenia Gravis by Dr. Gil WolfeDisease SpecificDr. Gil Wolfe
Rehabilitation Management of Peripheral NeuropathyNMGreg Carter, MD, MS
Responsibilities of an END TechnologistNCSJames L Lewis, MD and Ezgi Tiryaki, MD
Risk of Hematoma Following Needle EMG Study in Anticoagulated Patients and Patients on AntiplateletEMGAndrea Boon, MD
Sacral PlexopathiesEMG, NCSJinny Tavee, MD
Safety of Nerve Conduction Studies in Patients with Implanted Cardiac DevicesNCSMichelle Mellion, MD
Spinal muscular atrophy: development and implementation of potential treatmentsDisease SpecificDrs. David Arnold and Arthur Burghes.
Sporadic Onset of ErythermalgiaDisease Specific, Genetics/GenomicsStephen Waxman, MD
Stem Cell Replacement Research for ALSDisease Specific, NMNick Maragakis, MD
Sural Neuropathy: Etiologies and Predisposing FactorsDisease SpecificDavid Stickler, MD and Wayne Massey, MD
The Distal Hereditary Motor Neuropathies by Dr. Mary ReillyGenetics/Genomics, NMDr. Mary Reilly
The Influence of the Reference Electrode on CMAP ConfigurationNCSJohn Kincaid, MD
The Natural History of Primary Lateral SclerosisDisease SpecificPaul Gordon, MD
The Role of Exercise in Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis by Amy ChenDisease Specific
The Therapy of Congenital Myasthenic SyndromesDisease Specific, Genetics/GenomicsAndrew G. Engel, MD
The Thoracic Outlet Syndromes by Dr. Mark A. FerranteDisease SpecificMark A. Ferrante, MD
Toxic, Including Statin, MyopathiesNMMarinos Dalakas, MD
Treatment of Chronic Inflammatory Demyelinating Polyneuropathy (CIDP)NMP. James B. Dyck, MD and Jennifer A. Tracy, MD
Treatment-induced diabetic neuropathy: a reversible painful autonomic neuropathyDisease SpecificDr. Chris Gibbons
Uremic Neuropathy: Clinical Features and New Pathophysiologic InsightsDisease SpecificMatthew Kiernan, MD
Vasculitic Neuropathies by Drs. Kelly Gwathmey and P. James B. Dyck interviewed by Dr. Ted BurnsDisease SpecificDrs. Kelly Gwathmey and P. James B. Dyck.
Whole Exome Sequencing by Dr. Daniel MacArthurGenetics/GenomicsDrs. Daniel MacArthur and Ted Burns

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Workshop Handouts (38)

Title Topic Author(s)
AANEM Workshops: NCS Basics, NCS Pitfalls, Repetitive Stimulation, & Unusual Sensory Conduction St.NCSR. Pourmand,D Dumitru, J King, W Litchy, J Albers, D Ma, A Wilbourn, G Kraft
Basics of Needle ElectromyographyEMGRichard D. Ball, MD, PhD
Carpal Tunnel SyndromeDisease SpecificMichael T. Andary, MD, MS and Faren H. Williams, MD
Cervical Radiculopathy Brachial PlexopathyNCS, NMErik A. Grana, MD
Chemical Neurolysis with PhenolPain ManagementStephen Kishner, MD
Cranial Nerve TestingNMJosep Valls-Solé, MD, PhD and Mark Hallett, MD
Electrodiagnostic InstrumentationEMG, NCSAndrew Gitter, MD
Electrodiagnostic Laryngeal StudiesDisease SpecificMichael R. Swenson, MD and Arthur A. Rodriguez, MD, MS
Electromyography: Muscle Identification and SelectiveEMGJasper R. Daube, MD and Steve R. Geiringer, MD
EMG - Guided ChemodenervationEMG, Pain ManagementVern C. Juel, MD
EMG Respiratory StudiesEMGPeter B. Saadeh, MD, Christine Fitzpatrick Crisafulli, MD
EMG Waveform IdentificationEMGDevon I. Rubin, MD and Jasper R. Daube, MD
Entrapment Neuropathies Lower ExtremNCSMohammad A. Saeed, MD, MS, Surinderjit Singh, MD, MS, Shin J. Oh, MD and Frank J.E. Falco, MD
Evaluation of Gait in Neuromuscular DiseasesNMJames K. Richardson, MD
Exam of the Athlete: Cervical Spine and Upper ExtremityMSK, NMFrancis P. Lagattuta, MD
Examination of the Lumbar Spine in the AthleteMSK, NMChristopher J. Standaert, MD
Laboratory Evaluation of Autonomic FunctionNCSPhillip A. Low, MD
Magnetic Stimulation of Human Peripheral NervousNMSudhansu Chokroverty, MD, FRCP and Richard K. Olney, MD
Motor Unit Action Potential: Quantitation DownloadEMGPaul E. Barkhaus, MD
Motor Unit Number EstimatesEMGMark B. Bromberg, MD and Jasper R. Daube, MD
Muscle Ultrasound and Ultrsound of Peripheral NervesUltrasound/ImagingJames B. Caress, MD and Francis O. Walker, MD
Near Nerve Conduction StudiesEMG, NCSJeremy M. Shefner, MD, PhD
Needle Examination of the FootEMG, NCSDavid R. Del Toro, MD and Tracy A. Park, MD
Nerve Conduction Studies: BasicsEMGRahman Pourmand, MD
Nerve Conduction Studies: Refractory Period, Collision Tchnq, Long-Latency Reflexes & Silent PeriodsNCSM. Kathy Alderson, MD and A. Arturo Leis, MD
Nerve Conduction Study Pitfalls Online DownloadNCSDaniel Dumitru, MD and John C. King, MD
Noncortical Intraoperative MonitoringNCSJeffrey A. Strommen, MD, Brian A. Crum, MD, and Kyle V. Walters, REdt
Paraspinal MappingEMGAndrew J. Haig, MD
Pelvic Floor NeurophysiologyDisease Specific, EMG, NCSKimberly S. Kenton, MD, MS
Physical Examination of the Upper ExtremityMSKWilliam W. Campbell, MD
Proximal Motor Nerve Conduction Online DownloadNCSGeorge H. Kraft, MD and Ernest W. Johnson, MD
Rapid MUAP QuantitationEMGDevon L. Rubin, MD and Jasper R. Daube, MD
Repetitive Stimulation Online DownloadNCSWilliam J. Litchy, MD and James W. Albers, MD, PhD
Single Fiber EMG and Macro EMGEMGErik V. Stalberg, MD, PhD
Somatosensory Evoked Potentials: BasicsNCSGary Goldberg, MD, Francis P. Lagattuta, MD, and George H. Kraft, MD, MS
Somatosensory Evoked Potentials: Lower ExtremityNCSErnest M. Baran, MD, MS BME
Ulnar TechniquesNCSJacqueline J. Wertsch, MD, Theresa A. Oswald, MD, and John C. Kincaid, MD
Unusual Sensory Conduction Studies Workshop HandoutNCSDoug M. Ma, MD, Asa J. Wilbourn, MD, and George H. Kraft, MD


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