Q. Should I report as a group or as an individual? A. If you work in group practice, you have the choice to report as an individual or as a group. However, if you decide to report as a group, ALL eligible clinicians must report under the group’s tax identification number (TIN) – no one is allowed to report individually. Similarly, if your group elects to report together, even if you would be exempt under the low-volume threshold on the individual level, you MUST participate with the group. Under the group reporting option, all eligible clinicians will report on the same measures in each of the four categories.

Technology Reviews

Technology Literature Reviews

Do you have questions or concerns about an instrument or device? Technology reviews provide useful summaries of literature written on these new advances. Visit the links below to make informed purchasing decisions and keep up-to-date on technologies.
Dynamic Electromyography in Gait and Motion Analysis

The Neurometer CPT

The Use of Surface EMG in the Diagnosis and Treatment of Nerve and Muscle Disorders

Technology Literature Review: Quantitative Sensory Testing

Reproducibility Studies on QST

Literature review: Nervepace Digital Electroneurometer in the Diagnosis of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

AANEM Technology Review: Motor unit number estimation: A technology and literature review 


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Laboratory Accreditation


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