On Tuesday, June 20, the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) issued its proposed rule for Year 2 of the Quality Payment Program (QPP), established under MACRA. Several of AANEM’s suggestions were adopted in the proposed rule. Of key importance is that CMS is, essentially, providing for another transition year. Under this rule, it is estimated that 94% or more of eligible clinicians would earn a positive or neutral payment adjustment. For information about the rule in effect for the current year, visit AANEM’s MACRA webpage:
Based on a cursory review of the rule, it appears that CMS listened to extensive feedback provided by various medical associations and groups, including the AANEM, and made several changes to the QPP based on physician input. 

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  • ICD-10: Checklist, quizzes, tables, and everything your practice needs to transition to ICD-10
  • Relative Value Unit (RVU): Analysis of the Medicare fee schedule for EDX codes
  • Billing and Documentation
  • List of Nerves: Appendix J
  • Maximum Number Table:  Listing of EDX sensory, motor, and mixed nerves
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