Advancing Neuromuscular, Musculoskeletal, & Electrodiagnostic Medicine

Advocacy Fund

Donations to the AANEM Advocacy fund serve as a resource to further protect the scope electrodiagnostic medicine.

  • Protect the use of electrodiagnostic CPT codes against unproven technologies and untrained practitioners.
  • Fund the AANEM State Liaison Program that trains physicians to effectively advocate for fair reimbursement.
  • Defend against physical therapy legislation that would expand their scope of practice to include electrodiagnostic.
  • Educates payers about who is qualified to perform electrodiagnostic studies.

Advocacy Fund Donor Levels

Contributions are not deductible as
charitable contributions.

Gift Up to $50
Bronze $50 - $249
Silver $250 - $999
Gold $1,000 - $2,499
Platinum $2,500 - $9,999
Titanium $10,000 or more

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