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Achievement Awards

The AANEM offers several prestigious awards to recognize the significant contributions made by individual members to the field of neuromuscular and electrodiagnostic medicine. Awards are presented at the AANEM Annual Meeting. If you know of someone who deserves an award submit a nomination.

Lifetime Achievement Award

Considered the AANEM’s highest honor. Given to members who are recognized as major contributors in the fields of neuromuscular and electrodiagnostic medicine by virtue of teaching, research, and scholarly publications.

Distinguished Physician Award

Honors members who have provided distinguished service for a number of years as a clinician and/or educator or in overall support of AANEM activities. All AANEM members are eligible, except for Lifetime Achievement Award recipients.

Distinguished Researcher Award

Given to members who have made continuous significant contributions to clinical neurophysiological, neuromuscular, or musculoskeletal research.

Distinguished Service Award

Honors nonmembers who have given distinguished service to the AANEM and made major contributions in a field impacting electrodiagnosis, neurophysiology, or neuromuscular disease by virtue of teaching, research, and/or scholarly publications.

Honorary Members

Granted to nonmember physicians or scientific investigators who are major contributors to the field of electrodiagnosis, neurophysiology, neuromuscular, or musculoskeletal disease by virtue of teaching, research, and scholarly publications.

Advocacy Award

Recognizes members or nonmembers who have made extraordinary contributions in advocating to government entities or insurance companies regarding neuromuscular and electrodiagnostic medicine in the diagnosis and treatment of disorders.

Public Recognition Award

Awarded to public figures, celebrities, or entities that have made extraordinary contributions toward increasing public awareness of muscle and nerve disorders.


Current Award Recipients
Past Award Recipients


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