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Host a Forum

Industry Forums offer an opportunity to provide education, demonstrate your company’s commitment to quality patient care, and build your corporate brand.  All sessions are open to registered meeting attendees free of charge. 

The AANEM defines an Industry Forum as an educational program that:
  • is commercially supported
  • is planned and implemented by an organization other than the AANEM
  • is not part of the official AANEM scientific program, but is held in conjunction with the AANEM Annual Meeting
  • is either for a CME or non-CME session
  • provides the AANEM meeting attendees with novel and innovative approaches to the issues impacting physicians in the areas of neuromuscular, musculoskeletal, or electrodiagnostic medicine
Attendance levels at Industry Forums are not guaranteed by the AANEM.

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Sponsor Benefits
Available Times
Key Dates
Apply to Host an Industry Forum
Rules and Regulations

Sponsor Benefits

Companies hosting an Industry Forum are recognized as corporate supporters of the AANEM Annual Meeting. The administrative fee paid reserves the space and session time, and determines the company's level of support recognition.

Breakfast or lunch is provided by the AANEM for all Industry Forum attendees.
ALL Industry Forum hosts receive the following:
  • Complimentary session meeting space (room designated by the AANEM)
  • Complimentary standard AV (one projection screen, one laptop computer for presentation, one LCD projector, one lavalier microphone, one table microphone, one wireless slide advancer with laser pointer)
  • Complimentary listing on the AANEM website with a link to the sponsor’s website
  • Complimentary pre-registered attendee list for your company’s targeted mailing 
  • Inclusion of session information on signage at annual meeting 
  • Waiver of AANEM door drop access fee (hotel fees still apply)
  • Session details included in the meeting guide,  registration brochure, and mobile meeting guide
  • Administrative fee applied toward major support recognition level
  • Additional benefits as provided by support recognition level

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The administrative fee varies on the seating capacity and session length.


  • 60 minute presentation time
  • Session seating capacity for up to 200 attendees



  • 60 minute presentation time
  • Session seating capacity for up to 125 attendees
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Available Times

See Industry Forum Application for specific forum times and additional information.

Wednesday, September 13

60 min. Lunch Forum 

Thursday, September 14

60 min. Breakfast Forum
60 min. Lunch Forum

Friday, September 15

60 min. Breakfast Forum
60 min. Lunch Forum

Saturday, September 16

60 min. Breakfast Forum

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Key Dates

July 1- Session details and advertising due for onsite meeting guide
August 15 - Deadline for AANEM review/approval of conference bag inserts, promotional mail direct mail piece, and/or door drop material
August 19- Deadline for AANEM review/approval of presentation slides, session handouts, signage, and delivery of conference bag inserts to AANEM office

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Rules and Regulations

Industry forum (host) companies must adhere to the rules outlined below:
  1. The AANEM reserves the right to remove materials that do not comply or to cancel the forum at your expense if the rules are violated.
  2. If the faculty discusses unlabeled use of a commercial product or an investigational use not yet approved for the purpose discussed in the educational activity, the faculty must disclose this.
  3. Any change in speakers must be sent to the AANEM in writing.
  4. The AANEM reserves the right to edit the title of your session if it does not adequately depict the content being presented.
  5. The AANEM requires that the session evaluation summary(ies) be sent to our office upon completion.
  6. The AANEM may conduct an independent evaluation of your session. The AANEM also may assign monitors to the sessions.
  7. All promotional materials must be pre-approved in writing by the AANEM.
  8. You may not use the AANEM logo on promotional materials or slide presentations.
  9. Commercial support must be acknowledged on the activity announcements and brochures but cannot include specific products.
  10. Promotional materials may be distributed by host companies in their booth(s) located in the Exhibit Hall, if applicable. You also may have a sign in your booth promoting the Forum.
  11. You are permitted to have a sign directly outside the assigned meeting room on the day of the meeting. One sign (no larger than 30” x 40”) also may be placed in the registration area no earlier than 24 hours prior to the session. Text for signs must be approved in advance by the AANEM.
  12. Any Forum staff or faculty not registered for the annual meeting as an exhibitor or attendee is required to remain inside or directly outside their assigned meeting room on the day of the Forum.
  13. Forum staff and faculty will be granted access to the session room 2-hours prior to the start of the program.
  14. Access and/or registration of session attendees may begin no more than 15 minutes prior to the published session start.
  15. The AANEM President, President Elect, Past President, Secretary Treasurer, and Muscle & Nerve Editor must not participate in Industry Forums at the AANEM Annual Meeting as faculty members, presenters, chairs, consultants, or in any other role besides that of an attendee who receives no honoraria or reimbursement.
If CME Credit is provided the following additional rules apply:

CME Related Information - if the session will provide CME Credit

  1. Any CME activities must be planned in accordance with ACCME Essential Areas and Elements.
  2. The AANEM requires that all CME Industry Forum also be in compliance with the Standards for Commercial Support of Continuing Medical Education established by the ACCME. Providers of these activities are expected to meet the requirements established by ACCME.
  3. The activities must also be in compliance with the AMA’s Ethical Opinions and Guidelines on "Gifts to Physicians from Industry." Although it is the responsibility of individual physicians to comply with this code, every effort should be made to ensure that attendees are not put in a situation that would be considered a violation of these guidelines.
  4. If AMA PRA Category 1 CreditsTM are being provided, all confirmed speakers will provide expert, up-to-date clinical information that will be presented with fair balance and free from commercial bias. The CME provider or third party organizer will assure that speakers disclose all significant financial interests with regard to any commercial product(s) discussed during the session.
  5. No commercial materials are allowed to be displayed in the same room or immediately before, during or after a CME activity. There can be no sales activity in the room.
  6. Copies of the agreements between the CME provider and the Company will be forwarded to the AANEM.

Benefits Provided by the AANEM

See benefits outlined on page one of the application form.

No Implied Endorsement

The sessions are labeled “Industry Forums” to indicate that they are independent from the AANEM and are not planned or sponsored by the AANEM.
Promotional material, signage, handouts, and the opening presentation slide must include one of the following statements: “This activity will be held during the AANEM Annual Meeting.  It is not part of the official scientific program of the AANEM” or “This activity is not part of the official scientific program of the AANEM.” There can be no implication in any promotional materials, handouts, or enduring materials that they are planned, sponsored by, or are endorsed by the AANEM.
A pre-registered attendee mailing list will be provided to promote the event following submission and approval of the mailing piece.  Prior approval from the AANEM is required for any promotional materials used in connection with any Industry Forum. The AANEM reserves the right to decline advertising or requests for mailing list for any reason at its sole discretion.
The AANEM recommends that employees of the sponsoring organization, any organization working with the sponsoring organization, activity organizer, and all agents be made aware of this policy.  Violations of this policy may affect promotional efforts and eligibility for involvement with future AANEM meetings and conferences.
Organizers are solely responsible for making all appropriate financial arrangements for their activity.  In addition, organizers and their agents are advised not to imply or represent to third parties (e.g., hotel staff, convention center personnel, etc.) that the activities they are planning are associated with the AANEM official meeting or events.
The AANEM logo may not be used on any promotional material.

Violations and Sanctions

The AANEM, at its sole discretion, reserves the right to revoke privileges for future programs for any sponsoring organization, supporting organization, or activity organizer involved in planning a CME or non-CME Forum that does not comply with the guidelines and requirements set forth in this policy.
Companies violating these guidelines and requirements may not be allowed involvement with any AANEM activities in the future.  In addition, exhibiting companies providing grants to support an industry forum activity agree that their company representatives and/or agents will adhere to these guidelines.  Failure to do so may jeopardize future eligibility to exhibit with AANEM.


Upon receipt of this form and full payment, if the sponsoring company cancels their Forum participation the AANEM will retain the full participation fee.


The signor of the Education Proposal for an Industry Forum document verifies that they have reviewed and understand the conditions for the Industry Forum and agree that if AMA PRA Category 1 CreditTM is offered, he/she will comply with the American Council for Continuing Medical Education (ACCME) rules regarding providing category 1 CME credit.

The signor further agrees to ensure the sponsors, organizers, speakers, and all others involved in the planning, promotion, support, and implementation of the program are informed of these conditions and agree to abide by them.

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