Advertising & Mailing List Rental

The AANEM offers you a variety of opportunities to market your company throughout the year. Reach your target audience through print and digital advertising or send a direct mailing using the AANEM membership list.


Print Advertising:


Distributed to over 4,500 members of the association, this comprehensive newsletter includes feature stories, advocacy and policy updates, science-related articles, and more. Published two times per year. All pricing includes full color ads. View a sample newsletter: AANEM News
  • ⅛ page (3 7/8" W x 2.75" H): $600
  • ¼ page (3 7/8" W x 5.5" H): $800
  • ½ page (8" W x 5.5" H OR 3 7/8"" W x 11" H): $1,200

AANEM Annual Meeting Guide

The Annual Meeting Guide is included in the conference bag and distributed to all registered meeting attendees. The 8 1/2” x 11” guide provides educational session and schedule details, along with venue maps and exhibitor information. All pricing includes full color ads. Distribution: 1,000+
  • ¼ page (3.75" W x 5" H): $1,000
  • ⅓ page (7.5" W x 3.33" H OR 2.5" W x 10" H): $1,200
  • ½ page (7.5" W x 5" H OR 3.75" W x 10" H): $1,400
  • Full page, (7.5" W x 10" H) inside placement: $2,000
  • Full page, (7.5" W x 10" H) inside font or back cover: $3,000

Member Mailing Inserts

Get your message delivered to AANEM members when you include a promotion or educational print piece in an AANEM Member Mailing. Mailings include AANEM News (Feb. & Aug) and educational invited reviews or monographs for members. Mailings are sent four times per year. Mailing insert not to exceed 8.5x11 inches and 1 ounce. Tentative delivery months include February, June, August, and November. Distribution: 4,500

Insertion Pricing:
  • $1.10/insertion/mailing. (United States members: est. qty.=4,000; Non-U.S. members: est. qty.= 500)

AANEM Annual Meeting Registration Brochure

Have a presence in the registration book that provides all the details for the upcoming AANEM Annual Meeting. This is the publication that is the comprehensive preview of the educational content, registration details, and schedule for the meeting.  The book is mailed directly to all AANEM members, a targeted list of non-members, and is posted on the AANEM website as the main resource of information for individuals seeking information related to the meeting. The Registration Book is heavily promoted to healthcare providers who are involved in diagnosing and treating nerve and muscle disorders. All pricing includes full color ads. Distribution: 8,000+ mailed; 5,000+ emailed; online viewers.
  • ¼ page (3.75" W x 5" H): $1,200
  • ⅓ page (7.5" W x 3.33" H OR 2.5" W x 10"H): $1,400
  • ½ page (7.5" W x 5" H OR 3.75" W x 10" H): $1,600
  • Full page (7.5" W x 10" H), inside placement: $2,500
  • Full page (7.5" W x 10"H), inside font or back cover: $3,500

Journal Advertising

Muscle & Nerve is the official medical journal of the AANEM and is an international and interdisciplinary publication of original contributions in both health and disease. This 100% paid subscription readership of 4,500 members and 1,000 institutions provides a qualified audience for your advertising message.
Click here for the 2017 Advertising Rate Card

Digital Advertising:

AANEM Website
AANEM new site design is mobile responsive, assuring your ad can be viewed on any electronic device, and will include a hyperlink to one URL.  In 2016 the AANEM website received 251,936 site visits and 714,844 page views. Advertising space is limited.

  • $500/mo:  Single ad on interior page of
  • $1,000/mo: Single ad on AANEM Meeting Page
  • $1,000/mo: Single ad on AANEM Home Page (bottom page placement)
  • $2,000/mo: Single ad on AANEM Home Page (premium page placement - space limited)
  • $3,000/mo: Single ad on all pages of a designated “section” of  (av. 10-15 second & third tier pages/section)
  • $5,000/mo: Single ad on all pages of entire site of
  • Ads are 325 w x 225 h pixels; .jpeg or .png format
  • Premium home page ad is 450 w x 310 h pixels; .jpeg or .png format
  • Provide a URL for the hyperlink from your ad
  • Refrain from using small type for optimal viewing in mobile devices

AANEM eNews (Digital Newsletter)

Delivered biweekly to over 4,000 AANEM members, eNews contains the latest news related to neuromuscular and electrodiagnostic medicine, advocacy, coding, and AANEM offerings.  Average open rate is 36% with a click rate of 7.42%. Only one advertiser per issue. 
  • $500/issue

  • Ads are 280 w x 194 h pixels
  • Provide a URL for the hyperlink from your ad

eNews Meeting Digital Newsletter

This new advertising opportunity gives you visibility in the AANEM’s electronic newsletter that is delivered exclusively to attendees before and during the annual meeting. These special issues contain meeting highlights, announcements, and easy access for attendees to claim their CME. Only one advertiser per issue. Great way to promote your exhibit hall presence, Industry Forum session, products, or services. Call for specific delivery dates.
  • $1,000/issue
  • Ads are 280 w x 194 h pixels
  • Provide a URL for the hyperlink from your ad

Membership Mailing List

The AANEM mailing list offers direct access to thousands of engaged neurologists, technologists, researchers, and other allied health professionals. Renting the AANEM mailing list is an effective direct marketing tool you can use to inform our members that you are eager to conduct business and maintain a top-of-mind presence with them throughout the year.
For more information, counts, or to place an order, please contact INFOCUS Marketing at 800.708.5478, or view AANEM list details online.


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