2017 Abstract Submissions

Submission of Abstracts for the 2017 AANEM Annual meeting is now closed.

Abstract Awards

The AANEM Foundation supports its educational and research goals by funding several annual awards that give physicians the opportunity to be recognized among their peers for their research and to attend the AANEM Annual Meeting.

Awards from the Foundation for Research & Education Include: 

Golseth Young Investigator Award
Given to the best research paper submitted by a young physician to the AANEM Annual Meeting.

Best Abstract Award
Given  to the best research paper submitted to the AANEM Annual Meeting.
President's Research Initiative Awards
Given to the 10 best abstracts submitted on the topic chosen by the AANEM President each year.
Residency and Fellowship  Awards
Given to residency and fellowship members who are first authors on abstracts presented at the Annual Meeting. Must be an AANEM Resident or Fellow Member at the time of submission. 
Technologist Member Recognition Award
Given to a technologist who has to conducted and shared research to advance the science of neuromuscular and musculoskeletal diseases.
International Physician Awards
Given to physicians practicing in disadvantaged regions to attend the AANEM Annual Meeting.


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