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Soon to Come - 2013 NCS Code Changes

For the past several years, AANEM physicians and staff have worked to educate Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) staff and the RUC/CPT* panels on the work of electrodiagnostic (EDX) physicians.
In 2012, needle electromyography (EMG) codes were revised: 3 new codes were recognized and reimbursement was increased when more than one EMG was performed on an extremity on the same day.

In 2013, nerve conduction study (NCS) codes will change, moving from 3 to 7 codes. We won’t know the final value attributed to these codes until November 1, but anticipate the revisions will result in a 1-4% decrease in NCS reimbursement, depending on the work performed in your practice.

CMS clearly indicated that reimbursements would be reduced across the board, but they made some concessions and did not cut NCS reimbursement as drastically as was anticipated. However, most EDX providers will notice a change in reimbursement when conducting some of the more typical procedures.

View a chart that shows the proposed changes in work relative value units (RVUs) from 2011-2013, using AANEM’s Recommended Policy for Electrodiagnostic Medicine at